How to Take Good Care of your Lawn

If you feel that taking care of the lawn is nothing more than a nightmare, you should be told that it is one of the most pleasant habits that one can cultivate. You would find that lawn care can be made quite easy with the use of a few simple tips and you would no longer be afraid of the term lawn care. What must be understood is that having a well-maintained lawn does not only add to the aesthetic value of your house but it also gives that something to it also. So, we start with some of the lawn care tips.

1. Watering your lawn is an absolute must. You should water deeply and thoroughly every week. A six to twelve-inch deep watering would prove sufficient. And how would you understand that your lawn is being under-watered? Just walk over it and if your footprints remain on it, it is almost a sign of under-watering. Similarly, bluish tint and slow growth also mark under-watering.

2. Fertilization is a must. You need to have a good fertilization schedule. This would ensure strong and healthy grass growth. Generally, the amount of fertilizer also depends on your specific lawn but on an average, four pounds of fertilizer is applied per thousand feet. And you would do well to use slow release fertilizer.

3. When it comes to the percentage of ingredients in the fertilizers, it would also depend on the condition of your lawn. But generally, the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash must be 2:1:1 in the spring season. And when it is the time of fall, you can use 1:2:2. That would help your plants to have healthy roots during winter.

4. Mowing is essential but equally essential is that you should let the clippings remain on the lawn. It has great nutrient value and adds humus to your lawn soil. Mowing should be done every five days during the rainy season and every ten to fifteen days during summer.

5. You should not wait for the weeds and pests to become uncontrollable. You should remain proactive about it. A good pesticide and herbicide schedule must be followed.

6. The blade of the mower must be sharp or new. If you use dull blades to mow, it would tear the grass. It is essential that if you don’t use new blades, you sharpen your blades every month and if your mower faces hard objects like stones, you would do well to sharpen your blade more frequently.

7. When you mow, you should cut grass diagonally with alternating directions each time. It does not allow your lawn to have a striped look and it also enables a thorough mowing of the glass. There won’t remain any uneven look in the lawn.

8. But all this would be possible if and only if you have a mower that you could handle and manipulate comfortably. You should be able to adjust its height as per the requirement.

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